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Parish Council meeting days and agendas for the current year are listed below.
All meetings start at 7:30pm unless otherwise stated.
Dates may be subject to alteration so do please check the actual agendas for any meeting that you may wish to attend.

Agendas are normally available here at least three days before the meeting.

Minutes are published here when they are available but the most recent minutes may still be subject to confirmation at the next following meeting of the Parish Council.  Until they have been confirmed they may still be subject to alteration.

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10 April 2018

Minutes Archive

Using Our Minutes Archive

Minutes are grouped from January to December for each specific year.

Our Minutes Archive is now organised by volumes for each calendar year. Clicking on the relevant volume will open up a single file for that year’s minutes, in a new window. Each meeting is ‘bookmarked’. Double-clicking the date will take you to that meeting.

You can also search through the whole year’s minutes using the search facility in your pdf reader. This is usually opened by clicking on binoculars or magnifying glass symbol. When the search box opens simply enter a suitable word or the matter you are trying to find (for example this could be a road name, or a single word such as ‘footpath’ or ‘bus’) and the search engine will find every occurrence of the word in the year.

Please note: the minute’s archive is currently being updated and will be available shortly. Please come back soon.

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